Were Back!


Pokemon Go Community Days

Pokemon go community days take place one time a month and you can get exclusive pokemons One of the pokemons that have been on the community day is Dratini. 🙂 🙂                                          SeeeeeeeYouuuuuuuuSoooooooooooooooon       …

Pokemon Quiz

Hello, I’ve made a quiz on kahoot and here is the link if you want to try it out   https://play.kahoot.it/#/?quizId=2ca4ee23-d211-4838-9013-b32edf644a8c   Good Luck and see you s00n!!!!!?


I will start making giveaways in PBB(pokemon brick bronze) as soon as some people request me for the giveaways. If you request me please let me know that you did request me for the giveaways. You can just comment somewhere and tell me. I’m in the end of the game so it is no problem…

A NEW GAME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you know what ROBLOX is?                                                                                                   …

Water types

It is 2018 and the first season of the type of the month. Januaris type is water types. This is the perfect moment to learn about water types. See You Later Aligator In A While Crokodile!

Fathers day challenge WINNER

Hello, I just want to say thanks to all that competed in the fathers day challenge and we have a winner. On third place is it OMEGA Man SWEDEN   2 trainer levels CONGRATS On second place is it Rock’n Koffing THAILAND 5 Trainer levels CONGRATS On first place is it ComingCombusken USA 10 trainer levels…

Pokemon school

Hi, Today will I start the Pokemon school. In the Pokemon school will you learn how to  get good Pokemon. I will also recomend some good ways to play Pokemon. My plan for todays Pokemon is to recomend a good and free way to play Pokemon. Take a look every day and maybe you find…

Pokemon ultra sun and moon IMPORTANT THING

Hello, It is the 11 of November and just six days until something BIG happens. Do you know??? Well then, It is the Ultra Sun and Ultra Moons release date. Hope you can get that and im going to search everywhere until I find it. Good luck and see you soooooon