Evil Team Challenge

Hello, If you have take a look of the video i posted about team rainbow rocket you should now that many evil teams are in team rainbow rocket but how many are they ANSWER THE QUESTION AND EARN 5 TRAINER LEVELS

Trainer levels week 44

Hello, I wanted to congrat IIAB that have get 4 trainer levels.                                                Just 6 more trainer levels until you get your first title. Bye 🙂

About the trainer levels

Hello, If you have taked a look of the pokemon go challenge I talked about trainer levels.Trainer levels is something you can earn by completing challenges that I will put up. In the end of every week will I write if someone got trainer levels. Trainer levels will give you a title if you came…

Fathers day pokemon go challenge

Hello, It’s the fathers day today. I were thinking that it would be fun with a challenge. The challenge i planned about were to catch as many male pokemon you can.The challenge will end 2017-11-16. I will put up a winner and the the winner will level up 10 trainer levels. You will just need…

Haloween event

Hello, today do I want to talk about the new haloween event. The event including new pokemon from generation three. Hope you take a look before the event ends see you soon

Pokemon of the day 24 oktober

Hello todays pokemon of the day is Chansey. I’d like Chansey to be the pokemon of the day because its the FN day and Chansey  can use moves like heal pulse that reprecent peace.Chansey were introduced in generation one. Chansey can evolve to Blissey and are  the evolved form of Happiny but you need an…

Alola Forms

Hello, Today do I want to talk about Alola forms. Alola-Forms is pokemon from Kanto region that looks different in ALOLA.Those pokemon that looks different is Rattata, Raticate,Raichu,Sandschrew,Sandslash,Vulpix,Ninetales,Diglett,Dugtrio,Meowth,Persian,Geodude,Graveler,Golem,Grimer,Muk,Exeggkutor and Maroak. I think it will came more alola forms in the new games Ultra sun and moon SEE YOU SOON!!!

Pokemon of the day 23 oktober

Todays pokemon of the day is Banette. I’d like Banette to be the pokemon of the day because it’s Oktober. Banette has also appeard in pokemon go. Banette is one of the pokemon that can MEGA-EVOLVE but you will need a Banettite. Banette is the evolved form of Shuppet and are placed 354 in the…