Two Things You Didn’t now about ULTRA SUN AND MOON

Hello today will I show you 3 things you didn’t now about Pokemon ULTRA sun and moon. 1.The first thing is that it will come new Alola-Forms. We are not sure which Pokemons that will get a Alola-Form but we think that it will be Fire-types like Arcainane that will get a Water-Form. The ones…

Evil Team Challenge

Hello, If you have take a look of the video i posted about team rainbow rocket you should now that many evil teams are in team rainbow rocket but how many are they ANSWER THE QUESTION AND EARN 5 TRAINER LEVELS

Trainer levels week 44

Hello, I wanted to congrat IIAB that have get 4 trainer levels.                                                Just 6 more trainer levels until you get your first title. Bye 🙂

About the trainer levels

Hello, If you have taked a look of the pokemon go challenge I talked about trainer levels.Trainer levels is something you can earn by completing challenges that I will put up. In the end of every week will I write if someone got trainer levels. Trainer levels will give you a title if you came…

Fathers day pokemon go challenge

Hello, It’s the fathers day today. I were thinking that it would be fun with a challenge. The challenge i planned about were to catch as many male pokemon you can.The challenge will end 2017-11-16. I will put up a winner and the the winner will level up 10 trainer levels. You will just need…