A NEW GAME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you know what ROBLOX is?                                                                                                           Do you know what Pokemon Brick Bronze is?

Pokemon Brick Bronze is a pokemon game in ROBLOX and I love to play it. Pokemon Brick Bronze had a big update in the weekend and it contains the 8th gym. Don’t know wich type it is but I think you canfind out on Youtube.

I am very good at pokemon brick bronze and it is time for me to defeat the last gym. I know that the Pokemon league is already built but I don’t know if you could battle it.

Here is a link to help you with Brick Bronze      http://fandom.wikia.com/topics/movies

Download ROBLOX                                                                                                                     You can download roblox on your phone or pad by searching for ROBLOX were you Download apps.

To download it on a computer just go into http://www.roblox.com.

I am going to do some giveaways so request me on the name SuperA07king because that is my roblox name.

I hope I can make one giveaway per week


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    did you take a look



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